3Dfx’ account suggests the company is returning, but it’s almost certainly a fake

3Dfx, the long-gone GPU maker behind the fondly remembered Voodoo graphics products of the 1990s, has apparently tweeted that it is returning to the graphics card market after 20 years. That might sound exciting, but the sad reality is that the whole thing is almost certainly a hoax.

An account named “3dfx Interactive” that purports to be “The official Twitter handle for 3dfx. Providing the world with the best graphics cards, ever,” posted its first tweet on July 31 that reads: “3dfx Interactive is coming back, 20 years later. Prepare for an [sic] major announcement regarding our return this Thursday!”

While this would normally send the nostalgia nerves tingling in those of a certain age, there are several reasons why the account should be viewed with the highest level of skepticism. First of all, one would imagine a big company making a return would ensure its first tweet was proofread. Secondly, there’s the image, which was created by a fan (vermaden) and posted to DeviantArt back in 2014. And most tellingly of all, the account has not been verified with Twitter’s blue tick.

There have been suggestions that perhaps 3Dfx would be returning with something other than a graphics card, such as a new cryptocurrency, but a poll asking if “You all wanna see a new 3dfx Voodoo card?” suggests otherwise. Ten hours ago, the account reiterated that a big announcement is coming on August 5 (Thursday).

Soon after the first Voodoo4 products hit the market in 2000, 3Dfx’s creditors initiated bankruptcy proceedings, forcing the company to sell most of its assets to Nvidia. Team green has been bringing back older graphics cards to help address the current shortages, but a 3Dfx revival is almost certainly just wishful thinking. It’s possible that the account is piggybacking on the popularity of the fake Interplay Entertainment revival account from last week.

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