Man horrified after Apple Watch sends rude email to boss – but he has a solid excuse

The blunder left people in hysterics, after he admitted the gaffe on Twitter, with many people suggesting possible reasons to blame the Apple technology for the mistake

We’ve all had that sinking feeling when you realise you’ve sent a message to the wrong person.

It’s a pretty painful realisation – and you normally have a short amount of time to rectify the error before it gets even worse.

One man who suffered this dreadful fate recently left people in hysterics after sharing the message sent to his boss by mistake on Twitter.

Luckily – he managed to save himself by blaming the gaffe on Siri, Apple’s assistant.

And it seemed to have worked, as he confirmed a few hours later that he still has a job.

He tweeted: “Just got a message from my boss about something I very CLEARLY put in an email and I replied on my Apple Watch but then said aloud “did you not f* read?” And it SENT THAT TOO.”

Whoops! Not exactly what you’d like your boss to read (even if you are thinking it very firmly.)

People were left in stitches, as one person commented: “I’d simply pass away on the spot wow.”

Another joked: “Wish my Apple Watch could do this.”

A third added: “Laughed way too much, but was worth it.”

“What I’m most impressed by is that your watch didn’t sub in “ducking” for “f”…you’ve got Siri trained, sir,” wrote another.

Luckily, the man updated those worried that he might have lost his job, as he later added: “I literally had to call immediately and be like “omg I said “is there anything else you need! Siri is awful!

“I’m still employed you guys.”

People were impressed at his quick thinking, as one person admitted: “I would have just ditched my number, changed my name and moved countries.”

Others shared times that similar episodes had happened to them.

One woman tweeted: “I once dictated a note to a new neighbour, inviting her & her hub to try out our little couples book club. Except Siri spelt BOOK with an F and a CK. I didn’t notice the mistake for about five hours.”

Another said: “One time I thought I was texting my boyfriend and accidentally called my boss a b**** on a thread to her AND a client. Mortifying. BUT time makes it a little better. Kind of.”

“I wrote an email to my boss, Tim with customer updates…. one of the umm not great updates was about my customer Tim…. And that’s the Tim I sent the email too.

“I feel your pain. I cried for 3 days. My boss laughed and said it’s fine I didn’t say anything that I shouldn’t.” wrote one person.